Palm Valley Phase 8
South Parcel Homeowners Association
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Rules Violation Report


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  State Statute requires that we provide the violating party with the first and last name of the person who witnessed the violation, if properly requested. By clicking submit, you are acknowledging your understanding that your first and last name may be provided to the violating party, and authorizing same. Please be reminded that this is NOT Association policy, it is required by AZ State Law.

 ACH Authorization Form

In order to allow the HOA to automatically draft your bank for your quarterly assessments, you must download, print, complete and return the ACH Authorization form.

Click here to download and print the Rules Violation Report
then submit it via mail, fax, or email.

Maintenance or General Information Request

In this area, you may submit a request for a common area maintenance issue or request for general information involving the community.

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